Ricart Medical Institute

Composed of a team that provides, from a holistic perspective, specialized medical services of the highest quality and avant-garde.

Our goal is to approach the diagnosis of our patients from a global perspective and for this, despite the fact that we were born from dermatology as a mother specialty, we have integrated the capillary medical unit to develop specific trichology treatments.

From dermatology we evolved towards aesthetic medicine and incorporated plastic surgery to attend to those pathologies that aesthetic medicine could not cover.

And with endocrinology and nutrition, we close the circle, treating the metabolic alterations linked to the rest of our medical units.

The strong interconnection that exists between all our medical units, is what allows us to strengthen our growth and provide our patients, in a personalized way, the most avant-garde treatments.

Our Idiosyncrasy

We are a medical institute with a personality of its own.

Composed of a team that seeks excellence in every thing it does.

It is nourished by research, innovation and technology to apply less invasive treatments to our patients.

The key factors of our development are:

EMPATHY with our PATIENTS and our TEAM
VANGUARDIA within reach of our patients
REQUIREMENT to achieve EXCELLENCE in everything we do

Thank you for placing your trust in us!

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to call us at 960 619 002

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